Computer and Phone Networking

Aura Dynamic Systems installs easy to use networks that allow you to share everything on your computers, televisions, and phones. Share music files, videos, printers, high speed internet and all that is on your home theater system. Networking your home or office offers many benefits.

File Sharing

Networks offer a quick and easy way to share files directly. Instead of using a disk or USB key to carry files from one computer or office to another, you can share files directly using a network. Not only can you share photos, music files, and documents, you can also use a home network to save copies of all of your important data on a different computer. Backups are one of the most critical yet overlooked tasks in home networking.
Software Cost and Management

Many popular software products are available for networks at a substantial savings in comparison to buying individually licensed copies for all of your computers. You can also load software on only the file server which saves time compared to installing and tracking files on independent computers. Upgrades are also easier because changes only have to be done once on the file server instead of on individual workstations.

Specific directories can be password protected to limit access to authorized users. Also, files and programs on a network can be designated as “copy inhibit” so you don’t have to worry about the illegal copying of programs.

Resource Sharing

All computers in the network can share resources such as printers, fax machines, modems, and scanners.


Even outside of the internet, those on the network can communicate with each other via email over the network system. When connected to the internet, network users can communicate with people around the world via the network.

Flexible Access

Networks allow their users to access files from computers throughout the network. This means that a user can begin work on a project on one computer and finish up on another. Multiple users can also collaborate on the same project through the network.
Workgroup Computing

Workgroup software like Microsoft BackOffice enables many users to contribute to a document concurrently. This allows for interactive teamwork.