home automation

Automatic Blinds, Lighting, Thermostat

According to the US Department of Energy, consumption of energy is greatest with: heating and cooling; then appliances and electronics; followed by lighting; and lastly water heating. Aura Dynamic Systems designs ways to reduce energy consumption while adding convenience and comfort. Lights, shades, thermostat, and water heater may be controlled locally by a keypad, the internet, smartphone, or telephone.
Heating and Air Conditioning

Using our smart thermostat system will reduce your home energy costs. Automatically schedule your heating and air conditioning settings based upon the day of the week and time of day. Set ‘Away’ temperatures when you are not home and to warm/cool the home to your desired temperature for when you return home, maximizing comfort for you.

When used with a participating utility, our thermostats have the ability to communicate with your electric meter to show the current cost of energy, how much energy you have used, and how much your utility bill will be this month. Thermostats display real-time energy usage in graph format.

Proper humidity control is another important aspect of remaining comfortable while saving energy. We offer thermostats that have a built-in humidity sensor and can control humidifiers/dehumidifiers. This may apply to: attics, garages, greenhouses, basements, wine cellars, or coolers. Water temperature sensors may be used to supervise and manage pool or spa temperatures.

Use our smart thermostat as stand-alone or integrate it with a home automation system. These provide remote access via both telephone and over the Internet. You may access your home at any time and change your thermostat settings.
Automatic Shades

Lower your shades for privacy, protection, and energy efficiency. Your home can maximize energy efficiency by lowering shades during warm days and cool evenings.

Lighting control enhances the value and comfort of your home, adds security for peace of mind, and contributes to savings on your energy bill. Our systems offer elegant lighting control while reducing energy consumption.

For efficiency, set your lights to automatically turn off when you leave your home. Studies show that dimming a light by just 10% can save 10% of electricity and double the life of the bulb. Our systems can automatically set lights to run at 90%, saving you money every time a light is turned on.

Consider home automation to dim and control your home lighting by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation, and more.
Water Heaters

We offer controls to manage when your hot water heater is on. Simply determine when it is convenient for you to have hot water, and your system will turn it on. Turning it off when not in use will save you money by using less electricity.